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Activation of free reliance jio services

Free services of Reliance jio
Written by Sajad Quadir

We all know that Reliance jio has provided many services free of cost till the date but most of us don’t know actually how many services do reliance jio provide us free of cost and how to activate and use them. So here I will provide you the list of some services provided by reliance jio for free of cost.

1. Caller tune.

2. Live TV.

3. Paid Games.

4. Paid Apps.

5. Premium magazines.

6. News Papers.

7. Health Club and many more.

So Let’s know how to activate your desired callertune for free


• Open your messaging and click on new message or compose message.

• Write the name of the movie in capital letters of which the song is.

• You will get an sms, in which all the songs of that movie will be numbered as 1, 2, 3. as shown in the pic.


Callertune in reliance jio


• Reply with the number assigned to that song which you were looking for.

• Now you will get a confirmation message, reply with 1.

• Now you will get another message from a different number, reply to that number with Y and your callertune will be set within 4 hours


You can also search and set a callertune by sending the name of the callertune, following are the steps:

• Open your messaging and write a message.

• Write only first three words of that song in capital letters, which you want to set as your callertune.

• Send it to 56789.

• Now you will get a message from the same number, in which songs related to those three words will be mentioned number wise as shown in the pic below.


­Reliance jio free callertune


• Reply with the number which is assigned with your favorite/desired song.

• You will again get a message from the same number, Reply with 1.

• Now you will get a message from a different number, reply with Y to that message and your callertune will be set within 4 hours.

You can also search your song by its singer name, All the steps are same but the second step has to be changed. Instead of three words of the song, you have to enter the singer’s name in capital letters.



How to use/watch live TV

Live Tv is another free service provided by the Reliance jio. There are 100+ channels so far in the Reliance jio’s live Tv app which can accessed free of cost. It has separate categories for separate shows like movie channels are present in the movies categories and so on. You can also catch some previous shows. Live Tv app can be installed from the play store to enjoy this free service.


3. Paid Games.

Those game which can be downloaded and used from the play store by paying an amount of money, those games can be downloaded for free via this app and also some games can be played online as there are a few games which are server based but you don’t have to pay to play those games. This app can be also installed from the play store.



How to download Paid Applications for free

Paid Applications can also be downloaded free of cost, which means you don’t need to pay for any app to download that. I have already publish a post on how to download the paid apps and games for free but that was published when jio wasn’t there. Now we have so many free services that we don’t need to pay for calling, internet etc. Separately. These paid applications are mentioned below.


5.Premium magazines:

You can read premium magazines for free as well which saves a lot of money for those who love to read magazines. Premium magazines are usually costly but here you get them free. During the free time most persons like to read magazines so you can download the my jio apps from the play store or jiomag app from the play store to enjoy the free premium magazines service.



Every person should remain upto date via news. You will get newspapers on your phone with the latest news, so that you can read news anywhere and anytime to remain upto date. Best thing about this is that you will not be charged for this Service. You can download the my jio app or jio newspaper app from the play store to enjoy this service for free.

Health related services

7.Health club and many more :

You can also enjoy this service for free in which you will be getting some tips regarding your health so that you can maintain your health and stay fit and active. This app can be downloaded from the play store.

  1. Note: After the installation of my jio app or a particular app like “jiomag” . You need to register via your jio mobile number and this will be for the first time only and after that you can enjoy these services for free.


Free services of Reliance jio

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Sajad Ahmad Mir (aka Sajad Quadir) has done B.Tech. in Electrical and loves to write about Technology, Health, Education. He started a YouTube channel in 2013 and then joined blogging in 2014.

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