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Benefits of Rs 49 plan for Jio phone and how to book Jio phone

Rs 49 Plan for Jio phone
Written by Sajad Quadir

As the booking of jio phone reopens, So comes a new plan for Jio phone users. Yes, a new plan has been introduced for the new and old jio phone users. But before going to our Rs 49 plan for Jio phone, Let us tell you that you can pre book your jio phone easily. Before a few weeks, Registration/prebooking of jio phones resumed but you need to register interest. But now there is nothing like that. You can directly pre book a jio phone and soon it will reach you.

In some location jio phone is available in offline as well. If you want to buy a jio phone offline i.e. without pre booking it online, You can reach to your nearest jio store. But jio phone is available offline in some selected jio stores only.

Earlier, There were some tough “Terms and Conditions” due to which Jio phone bookings saw a decrease. However, There is now an estimation that the jio website is going to see a rush of customers in a few days. This rush will be of jio phone buyers and this is obvious why wouldn’t they? Due to the introduction of Rs. 49 plan, all the customers who only prefer to talk or we can say who doesn’t use internet so much will go with this plan and jio phone. Rs 49 plan is only available to jio phone users, so in order to enjoy the benefits of Rs. 49 plan, You need to have a jio phone. So non Jio phone users can buy a one or can have a look on “Best plans of jio” for non jio phone users.

Rs 49 plan for Jio phone is best suitable for old persons and so is jio phone. As the jio phone has keypad with 2.2 inches display, It’s quite obvious that using internet on jio phone will not be so enjoyable. Even only a few apps can be used in jio phone and popular apps like facebook, WhatsApp can’t be used. However, In this price range you couldn’t get a normal basic phone which has even 2G. That amount is refundable as well, So expecting more than what we are getting with jio phone will be foolishness.

Rs 49 Plan for Jio phone

There has not been so cheap plan for unlimited calling that too for a month. As of now This is the cheapest plan of unlimited calling by any operator in India. Besides unlimited calling, you also get free Sms’s for a month.

Benefits of Rs 49 Plan for Jio phone.

Rs 49 Plan for Jio phone offers Unlimited calling with unlimited access to jio apps. This Jiio Phone plan also offers unlimited Sms’s and 1GB 4G data for 28 days and after the usage of 1GB 4G data, You can use internet on 2G speed at 64KBPS for the rest of the days. But remember this plan is valid only for Jio Phone users, So non jio phone users cannot get these benefits on recharge of Rs 49.

There is also another cheap plan available to Jio Phone users and that offers 42GB 4G DATA with unlimited calling for 28 Days. However, this plan will also allow you to use jio apps and send unlimited SMS’s for free. So Internet lovers can go with the Rs 153 Plan.

How to buy a Jio Phone.

As we already mentioned, Jio Phone can be bought by two ways i.e. offline and online. In order to buy online, Follow these steps.

  • Go to .
  • Click on Buy Jio Phone.
  • Fill Up the important details.
  • Now make a payment of Rs. 500.
  • You jio phone will reach you as soon as the lot is dispatched.

In order to buy Jio Phone offline, Follow these steps.

  • Jio phone is also available to some selected jio stores and some jio franchise partners. You can Click here to find a nearest Jio store.
  • Visit the store.
  • Ask for a Jio phone, If available?
  • The you can get a one.


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