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Complete details of JioInteract-what is it and How to use it

What is JioInteract
Written by Sajad Quadir

Jio has recently introduced a service based on AI (Artificial Intelligence). Further, It is the first of its kind. However people are saying JioInteract is not stable yet. But as per Jio, Service will be improved with the use.

What is JioInteract.

Jio Intereact will let you make a video call to any celebrity and you can ask them questions about their movies and ads. The answers are already fed, But currently AI which is used here repeats the answers. But as said earlier, Service will be improved shortly.
No other operator has launched a service like this and it is the first time in India that AI is used for such an interesting service.


How to make a video call to any famous celebrity via JioInteract.

To make a video call to any celebrity, You need to have MyJio app in your Device/Phone as the service can be accessed via MyJio app only. Open MyJio app and click on the three lines I.e. also known as Menu. There click on Jio Interact and a video call will be made to a famous celebrity.

What is Jio Interact

However, Currently video calls will be made to Amitabh Bachan only as the answers  of Amitabh Bachan are already saved. There you can ask Amitabh Bachan about his upcoming movie 102 Not Out.

What are the necessary things needed to use Jio Interact.

All you need to have a 4G phone, Jio sim card in it and MyJio app Installed in your 4G phone. Only internet will be used to make a video call to a celebrity at no extra cost. So you don’t have to pay for this service and this makes Jio Interact a free service.

Can we make a video call via Jio Interact to Amitabh Bachan only.

No more answers about more celebrities will be added t the service within a certain period of time. Probably, you won’t want to watch same answsers again and again so answers will also be updated with time. This will keep the service up-to date.

What is JioInteract

What is the Benefit of JioInteract.

With the use of Jio Interact, you will get to know more about your favorite celebs. Besides, knowing about celebs, this will give you a feel like you are talking to your celeb via live video call and we all know that India is known for the fan following. The way fans of different celebs like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Akhshay Kumar and Amir Khan are showing their love for these celebs, it is obvious the service will be welcomed and will be loved by every Indian.

This is not the first time that Jio has introduced something Unique and new. Jio has been introducing such new things from around a year, starting from JioTv, JioPhone followed by many other things.

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