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Run Out Of 4G Data- Check These Jio Data Boosters

Difference between Jio Add-on and Jio Data Boosters
Written by Sajad Quadir

Whenever your data limit is exhausted, your speed is reduced to 128Kbps, At this time jio data boosters are used to increase the speed. Data boosters were introduced by Jio with the surge in consumption of data. It might be noted that with the launch of jio, the data consumption in India has been increased rapidly. This lead to the decrement in the use of Broadband and Hotspot routers. Further, Jio increased the data offered with every data plan starting from rs. 399.


Difference between Jio Add-on and Jio Data Boosters

Is There any Difference Between Jio Data Boosters and Jio Data Add-on?

Jio Data boosters are also known as jio add Add-on and start from Rs. 11 tors.101. However, the benefits and complete details of the Jio add-ons are mentioned below. Further jio also provides free data Add-ons by playing jio quiz’s like Jio Play along etc. Don’t Know about that, Check Complete details of Jio Play Along Here. Besides that, you can also get Jio Data Add-ons by referring your friends, Check that here.

Different data boosters.

Rs. 11Existing PlanUnlimited 400 MB
2Rs. 21Existing PlanUnlimited 1 GB
3Rs. 51Existing PlanUnlimited 3 GB
4Rs. 101Existing PlanUnlimited 6 GB

Validity: Existing plan means the add-on data will have the same validity as of your Current data plan. So if you plan is going to expire on 5th June, Your add-on data will also expire on the same date. Data: Unlimited 400 Mb, Unlimited

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