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First impression of jio phone: Features and accessories

First impression of jiophone
Written by Sajad Quadir

We all were waiting for the delivery of Jio phones. However it was clear that delhi, Bangaluru and other metro cities will get jio phones delivered first. You must be aware about the features of Jiophone. if you are not check out here.

There is a small twist for those who have pre-booked Jio phones. The twist is tv output cable is not with Jio phone. Which means you have to buy that separately.

First impression of jiophone

What is Tv output cable and what are its use.

Tv output cable is used to connect Jiophone with your tv by which you can watch videos/movies of your phone on your tv screen. However this function was named as NFC but NFC doesn’t require any cable, while it can be seen clearly on the pamphlet of Jiophone that tv can be connected via cable.

accessories you will get with Jiophone

It’s not a big deal to buy a tv output cable as you are getting good feature phone in just Rs 1500. Furthermore that Rs 1500 is refundable.

Kind of Design, looks and the material used in jio phone.

Design and looks of Jiophone are quite simple, however the rubber used for keypad is very good and feels comfortable. You can press all the keys by your single thumb so doesn’t need to move your hand. It’s keypad is unlike than touchpad as you can use it by your single hand.

accessories you will get with Jiophone

Keeping in view it’s price. Plastic used in the phone is good enough and the battery is long enough to power it for a day. You will get a jio sim card along with this phone, however the price of the sim card is Rs 153. Actually the price of the sim card is zero but the plan of Rs 153 has to be activated after the purchase of Jiophone.

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Further a kyc process has to be done while getting your Jiophone. So if you are going to receive your Jiophone keep your Aadhaar card with you.

It’s operating system is kiaios which is very similar to Android marshmallow and is easy to use. Charger has a branding logo of lyf and is of 5volts with a 3.5mm jack.

What you will get with your Jio phone

You will get Jiophone with a charger, a pamphlet and a manual to use your Jiophone. Headset and tv output cable is missing. However the missing accessories of jiophone doesn’t matter so much. Rather all this is for free as the security amount of Rs 1500 is refundable.

So getting all this for a small amount and that too refundable is very much. In order to use your Jiophone, you will also need to buy a jio sim card which can be bought for Rs 153 or for Rs.49 with a month of validity.

Jio Phone plans.

Rs. 153 plan allows you to use 1.5GB per day Internet at 4G speed and unlimited calling for 28 days. However Sms’s and jio apps can used for free as well. Callertunes and other jio services are also free. In total, This plan offers 42GB of 4G data for 28 days.

Rs. 49 plans offers 1GB of 4G data at 4G speed for 28 days and after exhausting the 4G data, A user can surf internet at 64KBPS. However, calling and SMS’s are free for 28 days as well. In total, This plan offers 1GB 4G data at 4G speed for 28 days.

Features Of Jio Phone.

WhatsApp and Fb app was missing. However, Jio may come with a special version of WhatsApp for Jio phone as Facebook app has been rolled out for jio phone just a few days ago. But the accessories you will get with Jio phone doesn’t matter so much. Which means WhatsApp can’t be used  in Jio Phone. However, There is an alternate provided by the Jio for WhatsApp and that is Jio chat. You can refer to benefits and how to use Jio Chat article to know more about Jio Chat. But as we already said WhatsApp application can’t be used in Jio Phone.

But as per the reports, Jio is working on other Smartphones as well and that phone will have all the features. For YouTube, Jio phone users can use the web browser and type in address bar. This will land them to the main page of YouTube and users can then search for their videos. But as of now Jio Phone also don’t support YouTube application.

Watch jiophones first impression and accessories you will get with jiophone here.

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