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Get services worth Rs 1999 free with jiofi device

Free JioFi device
Written by Sajad Quadir

Ceo of Reliance jio is trying and adapting everything which can help them to get more and more customers. Whether it is providing unlimited free services for more than a year or by extending his company to provide almost every service. Further Reliance jio has entered to the phone manufacturing market as well to provide cheap cheap 4G handsets.

As the majority of Indians belong to the middle class category. CEO of jio decided to provide a device which will be affordable for them and by which they can use 4G internet services and free calls as well. SO the company finally manufactured a device known as jiofi.

Jiofi is a portable device which is compact and small in size. It is so compatible that you can put in your pocket or you can easily hold it in your hand. Furthermore Jiofi has an inbuilt battery which is of 2500+ MAH and lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge.

However the maximum number of devices which can be connected to it is 32 and at the same time one device can perform a call as well. Both 2G and 3G phones can be connected to it as it creates a Wi-Fi network.

What is the price of jiofi device and how to buy it.

It can be said that the jiofi device is free. But it’s not totally free, you need to buy it for Rs. 1999. However this amount will be paid you back in terms of services. To be clear, when you will pay Rs 1999 for this device , you will get free services like internet data, access to jio apps, free calls and much more worth RS 1999. Which means the amount you pay will be returned in terms of free services.

Free JioFi device

You can buy jiofi device and jio sim card online as well as offline from jio retailers and on jio stores. Both can be delivered to home. Delivery is available to selected locations only, so you can check whether the products are deliverable to your location or not by clicking on buy now below.

Jiofi device

Know how to get jio sim card delivered to your doorstep.

Services you will get with jiofi device

After you pay Rs 1999 and buy this device. You will be asked to choose a plan from these four plans. According to Reliance jio, every plan is worth Rs 1999. You cannot customize any plan as they are fixed. So here are the plans :

i. Option 1: unlimited voice calling + 2GB data for a month + 300 SMS every 28 days for 12 recharge cycles.

ii. Option 2: unlimited voice calling+ 1GB data per day +100 SMS per day every 28 days for 6 recharge cycles.

iii. Option 3: unlimited voice calling + 2GB data per day +100 SMS per day every 28 days for 4 recharge cycles.

iv. Option 4: unlimited voice calling + 60 GB data +100 SMS per day every 60 days for 2 recharge cycles.

Extend free jio services for three more months under dhan dhana dhan offer

Terms and conditions.

You need to buy a new jio sim and insert that sim card in your newly bought jiofi device within 24 hours of activation of that sim.

Second condition is, devices which you want to connect with jiofi device should have Wi-Fi connectivity.

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