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Jio Announces Pre-Booking of Apple Watch Series 3 With Jio EveryWhere Connect

JioEverywhereConnect with apple watch series 3
Written by Sajad Quadir

Apple has recently announced the launch of apple watch series 3. This watch is loaded with all the necessary features and has some awesome features as well. Reliance Jio announced the watch will be available from 11th of May on, Jio Stores and Reliance Digital stores.

However, Jio has also announced the pre-Registration will start from 4th May 2018. But customers can register their interest for the product from 25 April 2018. You can also register your interest from here , users will get a thank you message as shown below. Further, Users who have registered their interest and then pre-booked apple watch series 3 will get their watch delivered at the earliest on priority based.


JioEverywhereConnect with apple watch series 3

What Features Does Apple Watch Series 3 has.

Apple Watch series 3 comes in Two variants, One with Gps and cellular and the second one cellular only. You can get Notifications from your favorite apps on your watch. You can listen songs like an iPod on this watch as well. This awesome watch lets you measure your heartbeat so that you can take deep breaths after exercising.

You can Install third-party apps, which lets you know how much your body is hydrated and how much water it needs. The app is called Health, which gives you all this information about your health.

What is JioEveryWhereConnect and what are its benefits.

JioEveryWhereConnects is a service provided by Jio which lets you call and SMS from apple watch series 3 at no extra cost. No matter where your Apple iPhone is. Jio also that its users can use the same number on both apple iphone and apple watch series 3. Both the apple iphone and apple watch series 3 rings at the same time when anyone calls you or Messages you. Jio EverywhereConnect lets you use apple watch series 3 like an iphone.

JioEverywhereConnect with apple watch series 3

Both prepaid and postpaid Jio users can enjoy the benefits of JioEverywhereConnect. However, the stock will be limited. Apps and calls can be made at no extra cost and both the things will use your internet connection. So there is no need to take your phone with you anymore.

How To activate/Link apple iPhone to apple watch series 3.

To activate, Click on the Apple Watch icon on your iPhone, then pair the Apple Watch with your Jio number. But you should have at least apple iPhone 6 or newer version with OS (Operating System) 11.3 or later version.


What Should You Have to Use Apple watch series 3 and JioEverywhereConnect.

As said above, you should have iPhone 6 or newer version with OS 11.3 later version.

One Jio Sim card, If you don’t have a jio sim. You can simply port to jio and your jio sim will be delivered to your home. Do check here how to get jio sim home delivered and how to port to jio.

A simple Jio plan.

Some Important Things about Apple watch series3 and JioEverywhereConnect.

When you make a call from apple watch, your jio number which you use in your iPhone will be displayed to the receiver.

JioEverywhereConnect will not work during International roaming unless it is connected to apple watch via Bluetooth and if IR facility is active on your Jio number. If you are on international Roaming do check these international plans and rate cutters of Jio. 



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