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Jio GiveMe5 and Jio Football offer for Redmi note 5 & Redmi note 5 pro.

Written by Sajad Quadir

Xiaomi has again come up with two amazing offers. In which one offer is only available to the Redmi note 5 and Redmi note 5 pro buyers. However, the second offer that is called as Jio Football offer is available to almost all the new handsets of Xiaomi/mi and other manufacturers like Jivi, Moto, Vivo, Samsung, as well. Xiaomi and Jio call the first offer as Jio GiveMe 5 offer and second offer as I already said is known as Jio football offer.

Further, under Jio’s Football offer the cheapest 4G phone that Is available in India costs around Rs. 699. So if you are interested in cheapest 4G phone of India, You can Read that article. Also I would like to say that if you have bought Redmi note 5 or Redmi note 5 pro or you are interested to buy a one, just have a look into these offers below. Probably, These offers will save your money and will be profitable for you.

What is Jio’s first offer which is also known as jio’s Football offer?

Jio’s latest offer which they named as Jio Football offer gives a new customer Rs.2200 as cashback. This cashback will be credited to the customers MyJio account in terms of vouchers.44 vouchers of Rs.50 will be credited instantly on the first eligible recharge. Eligible recharge here means a recharge of Rs.198 or Rs. 299. Further, Jio football offer is available/applicable for new and old eligible users of Jio as well. Eligible users here mean a customer who has enrolled in jio prime membership and hence is an active prime member of jio. However, there are some terms and conditions among which the important ones are mentioned below. For detailed Information about Jio Football offer and its  terms and conditions, Read them here.

Jio’s second offer/Jio GiveMe5 offer?

Under this offer a new customer/buyer of Redmi note 5 or Redmi note 5 pro will be eligible to get extra high speed data of upto 4.5TB. Yes, you read it right, A new buyer of Redmi note 5 and Redmi note 5 pro can get extra data of 4.5TB with under Jio GiveMe5 offer(Valid of long term packs of Rs.9999). However, On recharge less than Rs.9999, a customer will get double high speed data. Like, if you do a recharge of rs.3999 You will get 3GB 4G data per day for 84 days. So the offer clearly provides the double data on first 3 recharges on less than Rs.9999 recharges and above than Rs.198. Also this offer is available for prepaid customers only.

Terms and conditions of Jio Football offer.

  • Vouchers are non transferable.
  • Vouchers if any not utilized before 31 may 2022 wll be fortified and hence can’t be used after 31 may 2022.
  • Customer has do a recharge of Rs. 198 or Rs.299 as the first recharge on Redmi note 5 or Redmi note 5 pro.

 jio GiveMe5 and jio football offer

Terms and Conditions of Jio GiveMe5 offer.

  • Customers will get extra high speed data of upto 4.5TB on long term plans of rs 9999.
  • This offer is valid for three eligible recharges of Jio.
  • Extra high speed data will be credited via vouchers.
  • These vouchers will be non transferable.
  • Jio have all the rights to change or to modify the terms and conditions/benefits of the scheme at any time.

    However, for double data offer, here are the Terms and Conditions.

  • This offer is valid for prepaid customers of Jio.
  • Extra high speed data entitled under the double data offer by jio has to be utilized within the 3 months prior to the recharge.
  • Data which remain unutilized under this period will fortify and can’t be used then.
  • Double data offer is applicable/valid on jio recharges of Rs.198 or above.
  • If any Extra high speed data vouchers activated/redeemed during a recharge cycle, can be used for the recharge cycle only.
  • Any double data voucher which remains unutilized under the entitlement period will expire and hence will be fortified. So the voucher then cannot be used.
  • The double data vouchers will be sent to the number which was first recharged on the Redmi note 5 or Redmi note 5 pro.
  • Double data will be credited within the 48 hours of the recharge.
  • Jio have all the rights to change or to modify the terms and conditions/benefits of the scheme at any time.
  • Besides all this Jio has continuously given us so many offers and so does mi. So here is another offer which you may also like and it is. Jio and Redmi 5a better together offer, Under this offer you can get Redmi5a for just Rs 3999.

How to Redeem the double data vouchers, Jio GiveMe5 vouchers or Jio Football offer vouchers?

  • Download the MyJio application.
  • Open MyJio application.
  • At the bottom, Click on My vouchers.
  • There you will see the available vouchers among which double data Vouchers or Jio GiveMe5 vouchers will be available.
  • Click on them and click on activate.
  • Data will be added to the plan.

However, Jio Football Offer cashback vouchers will be automatically redeemed during the future recharges done by MyJio app. So Cashback vouchers can’t be redeemed without doing a recharge. In order to redeem Jio Football Cashback vouchers, You need to do a rechaarge via Myjio app and the coupon will be redeemed automatically and you need to pay the total amount – Rs 50 of voucher. Suppose if you are doing a recharge of Rs. 399, then you need to pay Rs.399-Rs50 voucher= Rs.349 in total.

You can also have a look at the latest plans of jio, which gives you everything under budget. IF LIKE THIS ARTICLE, RATE IT BELOW AND SHARE WITH OTHERS.

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