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Why delivery date of jio phone is postponed

Jio Phone delivery date postponed
Written by Sajad Quadir

it was estimated that the jio phone will be delivered by the first week of September. However due to the millions of bookings in the first quarter of booking, the delivery date was estimated to shift to the second week of September. But a leading newspaper has stated that the delivery of Jio phones will start from 21 September.

Furthermore Jio phone bookings may start again within a couple of days.

Delivery date of jio phone postponed : why.

The booking of jio phone was delayed due to the rush of Bookers and the website of jio and their application crashed due to the rush of people. It is estimated that Over 6 million customers booked jio phone within a period of two days. Metro cities like Delhi, Chennai etc. may get jio phones first I.e, 21 of September. However another leading newspaper has stated that the delivery date is pushed to 24th of September.

Jio Phone delivery date postponed

But it is clear that the customers will get their jio phones by the end of September. So custwho have registered for jio phone or have shown keen interest in jio phone have to wait for a month atleast.

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How you will be informed about the delivery of Jiophone.

Customers who have booked jio phone will get and on their registered Mobile Number. All the important information about the delivery will be sent to the registered number of a customer. However registered customers can know the status of thier bookings also via myjio app. There are three ways to know the status of your pre-booked jio phones.

When will you get your pre-booked jio phone.

It totally depends upon the booking demand from your area and the time when you have booked jio phone. Those who have booked their jio phones on 24th of August may get their jio phones at the earliest.

They may get their jio phones from the first lot, but as the delivery of jio phones have been postponed, they may get it between 21-24 of September. However delivery of jio phones can be started only when the stocks are sufficient. This will help them to deliver jio phones to all the registered customers/who have pre-booked jio phones.

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