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Jio phone exploded in kashmir, company says an intentional effort

jio phone exploded
Written by Sajad Quadir

Now a days Explosions of smartphones are like a normal thing. I mean the way mi handset explosions were reported in last two months, it was not a normal thing but continuos explosion of several mi handsets made it common.

How does this jio phone exploded.

Now Reportedly a Jio phone exploded in Jammu Kashmir’s Kashmir region. However the company says it was an intentional effort. The customer tried to sabotage the handset, as a result Jio phone was damaged. As per the latest reports coming out, Jio has set an investigation team to enquire about the blast. They further said it could have been done to ruin the company’s name.

They further added that Jio has become the fastest growing network of India. Around 6 million Jio phones were sold in the first sale and second sale may start very soon. So rival companies are finding it dificult to take on jio. Because of the Features of jio phone are awesome and we all know that. Further they added that Jio phones are made as per the Global security standards.

What does the company has to say about the jio phone explosion

However, investigation also revealed that the front side of the Jio phone was ok. But the battery of jio phone was found inside the phone. According to them, battery shouldn’t be there as battery is the only explosive material. But surprisingly cable of the charger was also found in melted state.

jio phone exploded

It is also a notable thing that the twitter account through which the image of exploded jio phone was uploaded has removed it. So the image of that exploded jio phone is not available.And these days, all the companies are trying hard to compete with jio. To compete with jio, rival companies are also manufacturing the cheapest 4G handsets in collaboration with some well known/reputed companies. It can be guessed that this might be an attempt to ruin the company’s name.

Further the investigation is still on and they said they will take an appropriate action in this regard. They further added, customers safety is the first concern and every phone is tested by a high level team of jio.

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