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Jio phone finally released for beta testing

Jio phone released
Written by Sajad Quadir

Before we talk about what beta testing of jio phone is and what are its use. We will have a look at the highlights of the beta testing programme of the jio 4G phone.

Highlights of the beta testing of jio phone

Beta testing of jio phone was scheduled on 15th of august.

• Testing units were avalaible to selected RIL employees only.

• Reliance jio will start the sale of these handsets in the month of september.

• Jio 4G phone can be purchased online as well as offline.

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Ceo of Reliance jio announced the launch and registration date of this budget 4G phone around 24 days ago.

The first batch of this reliance jio phone were scheduled to be avalaible for beta testing on tuesday (15 august). While as it was already clear that these beta test units will be available to the RIL employees only.

Beta testing is only meant to know about the hardware and software compatiblity. While as all the issues whether hardware or software will be checked before it will be available in the market for a consumer.

Jio phone released

This beta testing will mainly help the company to know about some of its core features like sos NFC and TV proadcasting ( watching videos stored/present in your mobile on TV). The last feature that is Playing your contents on Tv is not commonly found in todays feature phones. So this is the feature which is to be tested properly.

What is the Booking date of jio phone.

Bookings for jio phone will begin from 24 august as per the companys official announcement. Bookings can be done via online and oflline as well. While as the booking date starts from 24 august, some of the retailers are already taking orders/bookings.

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How many jio phones can a customer buy?

Each and every customer can buy a single jio phone. No customer will be allowed to buy more than one jio phone. But an organization can buy more than one jio 4G phone. If you want to buy more than one phone then you need to buy as an organization and for that you need to provide GSTN, TIN and PAN card number.

When will a customer get his jio phone

If a customer have sucesfully booked his phone whether online or offline, his order will be delivered before the 8th of sptember.

Customers can avail the benifits of free voice calling with 500 mbs of data per day for a recharge of Rs 153. This will not be a one time offer.
There are many other offers as well, have a look at them in our reliance jio category.

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