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Jio Phone Match Pass Offer Refer and earn Free 4G data

jio phone Match pass refer and earn offer
Written by Sajad Quadir

With the opening ceremony of IPL 2018, Jio launched many things like Jio play Along. But Jio has recently introduced refer and earn program. It allows customers to earn free 4G data of upto 112GB with a validity of 56 Days and before going to our main points, Let me remind you that the jio phone is feature rich and is effectively free.

This is not yet over, Jio phone monthly plan starts from Rs. 49. This plan gives you unlimited calling, 100 SMS’s per day and many more for 28 days. You can check more about Jio Phone plans here. This is not yet over, The person who buys a new jio phone via your reference also gets 8GB 4G data for 4 Days free.

What is Jio Phone refer and earn Program.

Jio  phone refer and earn free data gives free data everytime a persons buys a new jio Phone via your reference. There are many ways to buy a new jio phone and so is referring your friends. Everytime a new jiophone is been bought via your reference, you get free 4G data.

How to Buy a New Jio Phone and How to refer our friends.

All a Jio Phone buyer has to do is to call on 1800-890-8900 and enter your number there. After proceeding to step 2, Customer has to enter area pin code. Now that customer will get a link, click on that to buy or click here to buy a new jio phone. Here he has to put the same number from which he has called the above number.

jio phone Match pass refer and earn offer

However, if a person wants to buy a new jio phone from jio stores/offline. He has to provide there the same mobile number which he used to call the above mentioned number (1800-890-8900 ). If they ask for an alternate number, give the same number, from which 1800-890-8900 was dialed. If a buyer miss a single step, He/she will not get any free 4G data. For reference you can give 7889385450 also.

For New Jio Phone customers : Remember to call on the above given number, before buying  a new jio phone. Otherwise you will not get 8GB 4G data.

How Much Of Data will a referrer Get.

Foe first 4 Jio Phones bought via your reference, You get 8GB of 4G data for 4 Days. But with the 5th Jio Phone sold via your reference, You get 24 GB of 4G data for 12 days. However, for 6th to 9th jio phones sold via your reference, You get 8 GB of 4G data valid for 4 days and with 10th Jio phone been sold via your Reference, you get another 24 GB of 4G data valid for 12 days more.

Now comes the Jio Phone Match Pass Refer and Earn Bonanza.

In Every week 2 Jio customers with highest number of friends getting a JioPhone will have the opportunity to be a part of the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan show aired on  MyJio/JioTV and colors TV.

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