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Jio phone vs cheapest 4G phones : Price and features

Jio phone vs cheapest 4G phones 2017
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Features of cheapest 4G phones vs jio phone.

So guys today we have come up with some 4G phones and I bet you can’t guess their price. But before discussing about their features and price tags, we have a report coming from the leading news portals and this news is that jio phone may support WhatsApp as well.

Earlier it was estimated that jio phone will not support third party apps including popular whatsapp, facebook messenger etc. But now as per the reports jio phone may support WhatsApp also. Some other cheap 4G phones support all apps including WhatsApp, Facebook messenger app and almost all the popular apps.

There is a bonus point for these 4G phones and that is they are already available in the market and can be bought easily online. While as jio phone will be available in the market after 24 August and it can be estimated that jio phone will not remain in stock for a long time. Another plus point of jio phone is that its price tag is Rs 1500 which is refundable. While as the price of other 4G phones ranges from Rs 2300-20000+.

Here is the list of cheapest 4G phones with thier features and price tag.

• iVOOMi iV Smart 4G Mobile Phone Information

==> Technical Details

It is Android powered, MARSHMALLOW.

It has a screen/display size of 4″.

It supports 4G as it is a volte featured phone.

It has a RAM of 512 MB.

It has an inbuilt storage of 4Gb.

Jio phone vs cheapest 4G phones 2017

Battery capacity is little low, which is of 1800 MAH.

Primary Camera is 2MP and secondary camera is 0.3 MP.

Accessories with it.
Ac power adapter, user manual, earphone, battery, USB cable and warranty card.

Cheapest 4G phones vs jio phone For Rs 2999

Karbon A40 4G mobile.

==> Technical Details

It is Android powered, Nougat 7.0

Karbon A40 is powered with a 1.3 GHz quad core processor.

A powerful RAM of 1GB with an inbuilt storage of 8 GB.

Know how to get a jiofi device almost for free

Camera is not so good but still it can capture some good clicks with primary camera of 2 MP and VGA secondary camera.

Display size is 4″ which is sufficient to for normal use.

Most importantly it supports Indian 4G as it has band 40, which is mandatory to use jio.

Battery capacity is 1400 MAH, which is removable.

1400 MAH battery is not so good for a 4G phone but at this price it’s overall a good phone.

Cheapest 4G phones vs jio phone For Rs 3,990.

•BoRui YmR7 4G phone

Technical Details

OS is Android Lolipop 5.1.

Screen size is 5″ so it’s a good phone for gaming.

Its Weight is 136 gm.

Product Dimensions are 14.1 x 0.7 x 7.1 cm.

Batteries are 1 12V batteries required. (included)

Item model number is YmR7-White.

Connectivity technologies are WiFi and GPS.
Jio phone vs idea 4G phone: price and their features

It is a 4G Volte Dual Sim Smartphone supporting Reliance JIO 4G & Others,.

It has 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM which is further expandable up to 64 GB with SD card.

13 MP Rear + 5 MP Selfie Camera makes it possible to capture good quality pics.

It is powered with 1.5 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor.

Battery Capacity is 2150 MAH, which boosts it’s overall performance by providing a good battery backup/talk time.

Cheapest 4G phones vs jio phone For Rs 2999

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