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Jio sim home delivery: Its Process and Requirements

Home delivery of jio sim card
Written by Sajad Quadir

Jio sim home delivery : What is its process

Reliance Jio has further simplified the procedure to buy a jio sim. As jio is providing the doorstep delivery service to those who own a 4G phone or a jiofi device and don’t have a jio sim card yet. By this procedure, you will be able to use your old number but the operator will be changed from the previous one to Reliance jio. Which means you will have your old mobile number with new 4G services and this is called Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

To get jio sim delivered to your home. All you need to do is to follow these five steps.

Step 1. Download the┬áMy Jio app on your 4G handset (in case you don’t have a 4G handset, you can buy a jio phone for Rs 1500 here. This amount is refundable).

Step 2. Launch my jio app and click on get my jio sim.

Step 3. Put all your details (Including the previous number on which you will get an option)

Step 4. Now generate a code in this app.

Step 5. Now visit jio sim home delivery link and put your mobile number. You have to put the same number

Now you may receive a call from Reliance jio, to verify your details. Provide them your complete details. But remember details should be correct and same.
jio sim home Delivery is available to 600+ towns. So check if delivery to your address is available or not. However, You can check that while filling up your mobile number on the website.

Is there any extra cost for jio sim home delivery

“No, Delivery of jio sim card is free, nothing will be charged for delivery of jio sim card”. However, the amount of the first plan may be charged as per the plan selected.

Plans we can choose for home-delivered jio sim


There are basically two plans among which you can select one and these are :

Plan 1: Rs 408, 2 months unlimited with FUP of 1 GB 4G data per day.

Plan 2: Rs 498, 3 months unlimited with FUP of 1 GB 4G data per day.

Note : These Plans are subject to change with time.

Requirements to get a jio sim card delivered or jio sim home delivery to your doorstep.

There are not so many requirements to get a jio sim card delivered to your home. However, you need to have a 4G device, a local adhaar Id and a passport size photograph. Adhaar Id is mandatory among all and without that jio sim cannot be delivered to your home.

Local adhaar id, what is that?

Actually, Local Aadhaar id is the id of the place where you are staying. In simple words, if you are staying in Noida, you need to have an id on which address will be written Noida.

Home delivery of jio sim card

You cannot get this sim card if you are staying in Noida and you have an Aadhaar card of Punjab or of any other place than Noida.

How to get jio sim card delivered to home, if we don’t have local Aadhaar card or if we don’t have an Aadhaar card yet.

If you don’t have a local Aadhaar id card or an Aadhaar card yet, then you need to visit nearest jio mini store or Dx store. You can get a jio sim from there.

However, you need to take your Proof of identity and proof of address with you. But if both name and address are present on one card. Then take only that card and a passport size photograph with you.

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