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Jio phone vs IdeaPhone : A big disadvantage of jio phone

Jio 4G phone vs idea 4G phone
Written by Sajad Quadir

Jio phone vs Idea Phone

As you may be aware about the recent announcement made by the CEO of reliance jio. jio is going to launch its 4G phone and will be available in the markets by the end of August 2017.

More importantly it will be available to the customers free of cost. Users have to pay an amount of Rs1500 as security that’s only not to let people misuse these phones. This amount will be refunded to the customers after they submit their jio phone after a period of three years and if they would want to use it further. They will not get the refundable security amount of Rs 1500 back. However there are some terms and conditions which a user has to follow.

How idea is going to counter this move of free jio phone.

Idea is the second leading operator of india after the giant Bharti Airtel. All the operators are trying to introduce new cheap plans to hold their customers. Because maximum number of customers switched to Reliance jio after the continuous schemes and cheap plans provided by the emerging operator Reliance jio.

Idea now announced the launch of a new 4G handset which will cost around Rs 2500. This is not a huge amount for a 4G phone. Further twwo years back we were getting a basic 2G phone under this amount. But as compared to the price tag of jio 4G phone. It’s little costly as there is a huge price difference of Rs 1000.

Also the amount paid to buy an idea 4G phone will be non refundable. Where as the amount paid to buy a Jio phone will be refunded after a period of three years.

Jio 4G phone vs idea 4G phone

Difference between Jio phone and Idea 4G phone.

As I already mentioned about the price tag of the two phomes. idea’s 4G phone is little bit costly but why is it so and if they want to tackle with jio why they are not providing the 4G phones under the same price tag?

Features of jio phone and instructions to buy it

Because Jio phone will not allow you to use 2G,3G or even the 4G sim cards of other operators. Another thing is that it will not allow its users to use WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or any third party apps except JIO’S official apps said idea. If it’s true then this may be a major drawback of the world’s cheapest 4G phone. While as in idea’s 4G phone you can use any third party apps like whatsApp or Facebook messenger. Also you can use the sim cards of other operators.

Is there any difference in specifications between Jio phone and idea 4G phone.

Almost both have same specifications like display size is under 2.5″, RAM will be 512MB, ROM will be of 4 GB and idea phone will have 2000 MAH battery reportedly. Both have primary camera but under 3 MP. Idea phone has a front facing camera as well to take some selfies. Both will have 1.2 GHZ dual processor.

As the processor of Jio phone and idea 4G phone is good. It can be estimated that the phones will not lag with some basic apps. But when it comes to the heavy and big size apps and games like temple run, power director, Pokemon go etc these phones will definitely lag.

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In nutshell Which phone is good?

It depends upon the users/customers. As of now most of us have got 4G phones, So for customers like us we don’t need a phone which allows us to use all the third party apps as we can use them on our primary 4G phone. But we can’t miss this deal as well, because the jio 4G phone is totally free. So getting this phone will be a good deal.

For those who don’t own a 4G phone, idea 4G phone is good as they may need to use those apps like whatsapp, Facebook messenger etc. Jio 4G phone is also good for those persons who don’t use whatsapp, Facebook messenger etc. Still they can use JIO’S popular apps like jio TV, jio mags, jio news etc for free. terms and condition

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