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Know the status of your pre booked jio phone

Status of jio phone
Written by Sajad Quadir

Booking of jio phone has been paused after the Reliance jio faced a huge number of bookings. Millions of persons have prebooked the Jio phone, it’s because of the price tag and features of jio phone. As the number of bookings were more than the expected, there may be some delay in the delivery as well. However this is not an official report but some of the retailers in delhi have estimated about the delay.

When will the pre-booking of jio phone will start again.

It is also estimated that the pre-bookings of jio phone will resume again within a few days. There were mainly two modes of booking, online and offline. But customers who booked their jio phone online had to face many errors due to the huge traffic.

However most of the customers who have booked their jio phone doesn’t know how to track their jio phone or when will it be delivered. So if you are one among them and want to know the status of your jio phone. Just read on..


When will be jio phones delivered.

First lot of jio phones was estimated to be delivered by the second of September but due to the huge number bookings, the delivery schedule may change. It is also estimated that the metro cities like delhi, Mumbai etc. May get the jio phones delivered at the earliest. This is due to their demand and their locations. However first lot of jio phones may be delivered by the second week of September.

Status of jio phone

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How to know the status of your pre-booked jio phone.

It’s very important to know the status of a pre booked jio phone in order to prevent any kind of hectic. Customers who have pre-booked jio phone have three ways to check the status of their pre booked jio phone. However, the third way is not so effective. Check them below.

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• First method to track the Jiophone.

Customers can make a call to the dedicated helpline number set by Reliance jio. But remember you have to dial this helpline number from the number you made the booking of jio phone. It is mandatory to call this helpline number from the registered mobile number with the booking of jio phone.

Helpline number: 1800 890 8900

They will reply the status of booking via message. After dialing this number wait for a message and the tracking status will be mentioned in that message.

• Second way to track the pre booked jio phone.

==> Myjio app
Download the myjio app and click on my vouchers, from there you can know the status of pre booked devices.

In case you are not getting any resolution, you can contact team jio via social media. They are very responsive there as well or you can contact them on their official email id.

By all the above mentioned methods you can know the status of your jio phone easily.

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