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These are the new revised plans of jio : Must check

New plans of Reliance jio
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How revised plans of jio will affect india:

On the eve of diwali, Jio recently announced an offer known as diwali dhan dhana dhan offer. Further an announcement was made about the change of plans from the 19th of October. However these revised plans will be implemented for the customers whose plans will end after 19th October.

Customers are eagerly waiting for the new plans as they don’t want current plans to be changed. These revised plans will definitely affect the telecom sector of india as jio provided the cheapest plans of all the operators. That’s why these latest revised plans of jio will affect the telecom sector most.

Alao read : Jio phone terms and conditions.

However new plans of jio may allow other operaters to regain their customer base. Further Vodafone has recently revised its plans and those plans are so attractive and i recommend people to check them out.

Latest revised plans of jio are.

As per the reports, plans are not revised only. But one plan is also added in the list of jio plans. However these plans will be applicable from the 19th of octoberr. So expected revised plans of jio are mentioned below:

S.No.PlansDataValidity Calling
1.Rs 14914 GB 4G + Unlimited 2G28 daysUnlimited
2.Rs 39970 GB 4G + Unlimited 2G70 DaysUnlimited
3.Rs 45984 GB 4G + Unlimited 2G84 DaysUnlimited

New plans of Reliance jio

Terms and Conditions of these latest revised plans of jio :

• Plans are subject to change, which means these plans may change at anytime.

• Benefits of the plan are also subject to change, Which means benefits of these plans can be changed at anytime.

• Voice calls will be truly free as the VOLTE is used to make calls.

• Taxes are already included in the final price and that is shown above.

• Revised plans of jio are separate for prime and non prime members.

• One month denotes 28 days for all the latest revised plans of jio.Rather this is only valid for Prepaid users.

• One month denotes one bill cycle in latest revised plans of jio for postpaid connections.

• However No international calls can be made under these plans. However seperate plans for isd calls can be opted.

• Unlimited Sms’s per day refer to 100 Sms per day as per the TRAI rules.

• These latest revised plans of jio can be recharged by the customers having LTE/VOLTE handsets.

• Data used to make 4G calls will be debited from the quota of data a customer have under his/her selected plans.

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