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This privacy policy is meant to ensure the privacy of every reader and we serve the contents using cookies as cookies help us to serve you better for the next time you visit us. cookies also reduce the size of the page by loading the same page from the cookies and cache it had saved on your previous visit. If you want to get the future notifications of our new topics, then you need to subscribe us via your mail id and we ensure you that we don’t spam anyone by sending them a lot of emails or by sending them many emails every day, we just mail you when we publish new articles and we don’t disclose anyone’s personal information nor we expose the mail IDs of our subscribers as we believe in the readers/viewers satisfaction and viewers reliabilitY, so that the reader will visit again and again.

Who we are. is a website which provides offers, Tips, Tricks and latest news (Including jio plans). All the information provided on this site is collected from the reliable sources, But tips and tricks may be provided by us only so there might not be any source of those tips and tricks. But all the information provided on this website is legitimate and reliable.


What Personal Data we collect.

We usually collect the email id, Name and sometimes Date Of Birth and visitors website url (if needed). In case of subscription on reliancejio, You may need to provide all these details. We don’t ask for financial details here but on third-party sites or on our advertiser’s websites, You may need to provide that. However, Cookies, Cache and ip address will be stored by our servers to serve you better. In case of commenting on reliancejio, We store your comments and the data provide in your comments/during commenting.


As We mentioned earlier, we use cookies in order to serve you better. You might be thinking how cookies help to serve data/contents better. if you are filling any form on our site like during commenting on our site you need to fill your name, email id and website URL(If you have). All this will be auto-filled by these cookies. That is the way cookies help us to serve you better.


We do tracking of your data including IP address and the source from which you entered to our site. For example, If you had searched in google “Jio Plans” and then our site appeared in the google and clicked on it. We get to know that a particular person from …. location with IP address … is on your site. So this data “IP address, Location, Source” is collected by our analytics account.

Contact form.

whatever data you fill in contact form will be stored permanently in our servers. So by filling contact form details, You agree to store your data/details.

With whom we share your data.

Your data will not be shared with anyone, Except the service providers used for some sort of services like plugins used for email notifications/Push notifications and other plugins like a contact form. Data will be shared with only service providers in order to provide you data/articles with ease.

What rights you have on your data.

You have all the rights to unsubscribe to our services and not to visit us again. But the data submitted earlier might not be deleted from our servers. So your data will not be stored from the day, you unsubscribe our email listing and boycotting to visit our website.



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Cookies are stored by our servers to serve contents as per the visitors taste/need. Whenever a cookie is stored, it stores data of visitor that from where this visitor has been earlier and our servers serve him/her data as per that record.Read Our Detailed Privacy Policy Here

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