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Jio launched LYF 4G phone for Rs. 999

Jio and LYF 4G phone Rs.999
Written by Sajad Quadir

A video has been uploaded on YouTube by phonerubia related to jio’s Rs.999 volte phone. It can be seen in the video that a person is showing a LYF smartphone. According to him this phone costs around RS.999. But he has not claimed anything yet nor he has disclosed it’s features.

However most of the techies are saying that it is the same phone which was estimated to be launched by the giant Reliance jio as a cheapest volte/4G phone of the world.Link of the video is given below and if you haven’t heard about jio Phone yet. Let me give a little bit information about that.

What is LYF 4G phone and why jio is launching it

Before a few months ago, Reliance jio was totally trying to cover all the indian customers. However this was not possible and they knew it. So they were looking for the maximum number of customers in a very short time and they did it as they got a good customer base in India within a period of just 6 months.

But they wanted more so they were focusing how to get more customers. At that time they had two options either to extend the validity of free services provided by the Reliance jio for the very first 6 months or to provide cheapest 4G handsets.

This was because Reliance jio could be used only in 4G handsets (IN BOTH LTE & VOLTE). However this was a big hurdle for Reliance Jio as maximum number of persons were using 3G phones. So they couldn’t use Reliance Jio in their phones.

LYF 4G phone for Rs.999

Why has not reliance jio launched jio phone or LYF 4G phone earlier

At that time some reports surfaced on the leading news portals that Reliance jio is gonna launch a new under budget 4G phone known as LYF 4G phone. Which would be the cheapest 4G phone throughout the world. But they had an alternative which was not promoted and publicized well till that time. The alternative was Reliance communications JIOFI device.

it looks like a router and also works like a router. But it produces some signals at specific( bandwith,frequency) through which a user can make calls via his 2G or 3G phone using Reliance Jio sim with that JIOFI.

It also has a good battery backup of around 5-6 hours. Furthermore it’s very handy to take with yourself to anywhere. So it was believed that they found a good option for the 2G and 3G handset users. So they will not be providing any kind of cheapest 4G handsets. But they extended the validity of their free services for three more months at that time.

After that they charged around Rs.402 for 4 months of internet, voice, sms, live TV etc. Which was a very low amount for all these services.

Is jio planning anything more bigger than LYF 4G phones

Reliance Jio also provided Reliance Broadband services free for first three months, you have to fulfill some requirements for that check here to know about the formalities. According to reports they had some talks with the Chinese phone manufacturers but they also had tie up with LYF. So after providing all these free services and facilities nobody was thinking of providing cheapest 4G phone.


•  Jio Broadband services free for first three months, here is how to apply for jio Broadband.

 Jio Broadband Internet plans

Link of the video of phonerubia


Jio and LYF 4G phone Rs.999

Is this true LYF 4G phone has been launched

But as per some reports, it is believed that Reliance Jio has launched the cheapest 4G phone and is known as LYF 4G phone. LYF 4G phone costs around Rs.999. But as I said above all this is judged by that video. However it cannot be heard anywhere in the video that this is a 4G smartphone. While as LYF has manufactured 4G handsets only till the date. So it seems to be an interesting thing that LYF came into existence by Reliance Jio and they had to provide 4G phones for jio users.

But later anyone could buy either a LYF smartphone phone or a Jio sim only. This had a very bad effect on LYF smartphone manufacturers as they didn’t provide anything better than others. So this might be a 3G or a 2G smartphone. But this can be a 4G phone also as the LYF smartphone manufacturers were not manufacturing 2G or 3G phones and if it is really a 4G smartphone then it will be a tough challenge for the other 4G smartphone manufacturers. As they also have to provide something better and something cheaper. Overall the situation is win win for customers.

NOTE : Jio phone has been launched recently and the design is almost same as shown in the image above. However jio phone has been priced at rs 1500 which is refundable.

Stay tuned for further information on this budget phone.

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