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Reliance Jio fiber Broadband 3 months for free

Reliance jio fibre broadband
Written by Sajad Quadir

As per the reports Reliance jio has announced that they have established the home based broadband. Which is also known as FTTH. However jio ftth is established in some cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Vadodara, Ahmadabad for testing and the said test is almost completed.

Plans of Reliance jio broadband

Reliance jio fiber broadband uses optical fiber as a medium of transmission. Optical fiber provides relatively very high speed rather than other broadband networks. jio FTTH/ jio fiber service will be rolled/introduced to many cities very soon. Monthly plans of Jio FTTH has been introduced to the customers from the said cities. These plans range from INR 500 to INR 5500, Which is not a huge amount.

As the plan starts from INR 500, we guess every middle class person can afford that. Furthermore we all know Reliance Jio gave us many surprises by allowing free usage of all the services for a particular time and were extending the free services time by time. Even there were some free services about which many customers doesn’t know.

Jio fiber broadband was introduced to some metro cities with a welcome offer for 90 days as well. Which was a very good gift to it’s users or new customers and the company was able to test their services in that time as well. However if any improvement was needed, they could do that also without loosing any customer. It is estimated that the Reliance Jio broadband service will be introduced to most of the metro cities within the month of June.

Jio Giga fiber(also known as Reliance jio fiber broadband) speed has already been tested in some states and it is near about 50 MBPS and it is not listed in the highest speed of broadband providers. whereas it was believed that in an average it will provide 100 MBPS of Internet speed.

Jio Giga Fiber/Reliance jio fiber broadband plans are of three types and these are:

  •  Reliance Jio fiber Broadband speed base plan.
  •  Jio fiber Broadband volume based plan.
  • Reliance Jio fiber Broadband special plans.

Further you can check/read the plans of Jio fiber in our second article.

What are the mandatory things to get jio broadband service

According to some reports, You have to pay some amount (less than 4000 Rs) for the Jio Fiber hardware device. This amount is one time investment and is refundable. Furthermore you can get 100% of cash back by exchanging the old 2G/3G router with Jio fiber device.

Jio is also going to launch the DTH service and that might also be free for a period three months. Till now reliance jio has launched two services and in both the two services it provided a promotional offer. This offer is named as jio welcome offer and is meant to provide free services to its customers for a period of three months. So we can think the same with the Jio DTH service.

Reliance jio fiber broadband

Reliance may launch the 5G service also by the end of 2017 or by the mid of 2018. It may not be a big deal for Reliance Jio as the ceo has used all the latest equipment’s. Further these equipment are up to date and are capable to work on higher bandwidths also. So these equipments doesn’t need to be replaced to upgrade to 5G service provider.

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