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Reliance Jio vs BSNL : who will launch 5G first

Jio vs BSNL launch of 5G
Written by Sajad Quadir

Jio vs BSNL who will launch 5G first in india.

At the launch of jio. ceo of Reliance jio said our systems are up to date and the equipments can be upgraded easily. So we could guess that jio will launch 5G service in India and by the end of 2018. But as per the reports it’s BSNL which is talking about the 5G services to be launched in India as soon as possible.

It is quite unexpected as BSNL has recently come up with many offers. Now the ceo of BSNL has expressed his interest in 5G launch. But it will be difficult for them to overcome the Ambani’s jio as the equipments of jio are latest.

Officials of BSNL said they will launch 5G services in Himachal Pradesh as soon as possible. They also said we are focusing on 5G services instead of 4G services in the state and for this they need to setup new towers as well. Around 600 towers will be installed in the state with latest BTS. Among which 60-70% towers will be for 5G services and 30-40% will be for 2G services and calling purpose.

How and when will be 5G launched in india


He further added, current systems will be upgraded with Next Generation Network Systems this year. However 20000 ports are expected to be sanctioned for this. 100 off-load and 134 USO hotspots will be installed in the state to strengthen the internet connectivity system.

As per the reports by the end of 2020. Almost all the countries in the world will be enjoying the 5G services and Jio 5G will be among them. But Google’s estimation says something else, Google estimated by the end of 2020 most of the countries will be having 3G services only. So it can be said 2020 will be a revolutionary year for Internet connectivity system.

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How much of difference will be there in jio 5G


We have an interesting point here. Jio 5G services will be 10 times better than 4G services including the battery consumption. Battery consumption will be reduced as the network strength will be increased. Download speed will be from 1GB to 10GB per second. Which is really good.

Jio vs BSNL launch of 5G

Jio has some back draws, reliance jio does not have stable systems yet and the voice quality, internet speed does not remain constant. Which can affect reliance Jio but as Mukesh Ambani is gearing up for digital india . He is not gonna let this factor damage his business, so it can be estimated that the ceo of Reliance jio is gonna come up with new schemes or gonna fix all this soon.

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Conclusion on jio 5G in india


No matter if BSNL will launch 5G in Himachal Pradesh first. But jio will definitely launch the 5G services first through out the country. Because ceo of Reliance jio has invested a lot of money on this and the ceo of this company will definitely do everything possible to launch Jio 5G first.

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