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Latest reliance jio plans for the month of july

New plans of Reliance jio
Written by Sajad Quadir

Reliance jio has revised it’s plans recently in order to compete with other leading network operators. Bharti airtel and BSNL are continuously revising their plans and so does the Reliance jio.

Since there has been a lot of competition in today’s telecom sector. This competition is because of Reliance jio’s plans.

From how many Reliance jio plans can a customer choose his plan.

For prepaid customers, Reliance jio has currently 12 plans among which 3 plans are the most attractive for every customer. The three attractive Reliance jio plans have a price tag of Rs 309, Rs 399 and Rs 502.

Further the benefits of these plans are briefly explained below. Reliance jio plans are the cheapest plans till the date. Also Jio promises to provide 20% extra data than others always.

Revised Reliance jio plans are:

Price of planFree voice callsData limitValidity daysFree Sms
Rs 19Local + national + roaming200 MB 4G1Unlimited to All operators
Rs 49Local + STD + roaming600 MB 4G3 Unlimited to All operators
Rs 96Local + STD + roaming7 GB 4G7Unlimited to All operators
Rs 149Local + STD + Roaming2 GB 4G 28300 Sms to All operators
Rs 309Local + STD + Roaming56 GB 4G + unlimited 2G56Unlimited to All operators
Rs 349Local + STD + Roaming10 + 10 GB Without FUP + unlimited 2G data56Unlimited to All operators
Rs 399Local + STD + Roaming84 GB 4G + Unlimited 2G 84Unlimited to All operators
Rs 509Local + STD + Roaming112 GB 4G + unlimited 2G56Unlimited to All operators
Rs 999Local + STD + Roaming90 GB + Unlimited 2G 90Unlimited to All operators
Rs 1999Local + STD + Roaming155 GB 4G + unlimited 2G120Unlimited to All operators
Rs 4999Local + STD + Roaming380 GB 4G + unlimited 2G210Unlimited to All operators
Rs 999Local + STD + Roaming780 GB 4G + unlimited 2G390Unlimited to All operators

Reliance jio has simplified the life of a common man by various means. Providing cheap services are not the only thing which jio is currently providing. Jio is all set to launch DTH service and
broadband service.

Latest Reliance jio plans

Reliance jio wants to compete with other operators in everything that they offer. whether it’s airtels DTH service or BSNLs broadband service. Furthermore Bharti airtels online recharge facility on their official website is followed by Reliance jio and they also offer the same.

Terms and conditions for these Reliance jio plans are:

• If the data has not been used within the period of expiry. Hence The expired data will be fortified and hence cannot be used after the date of expiry.

• No data will be used to make voice calls. Which means data will not be deducted for making voice calls.

• Taxes are included in the total price tag of a plan like Rs 309 inclusive all taxes.

• The company holds all the rights to change or cancel Reliance jio plans anytime.

• Isd calls cannot be completed with the above mentioned plans, srperate isd plans have to be recharged.

• Validity of one month is referred to 28 days for prepaid customers. For postpaid customers one month is equal to one bill cycle.

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