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Complete details about the terms and conditions of jio phone

Terms and conditions of jio phone
Written by Sajad Quadir

Hello readers, now a days a misconceptual message is circulating via social media. You alao may be aware of that. This message is regarding the terms and conditions of jio phone. Most of those circulating that message were thinking jio will continue to provide data and other services for free.

However mukesh Ambani entered the telecom market to earn profit not to do social service or anything kind of that.

What are the terms and conditions of jio phone.

There are a few strict terms and conditions for those who already own a smartphone. However for non smartphone users, it’s a great deal and may remain a great deal for next three years.

Terms and conditions of jio phone

Actually the terms and conditions are, you have to do a minimum of 1500 Rs recharge for next three years.

In case a customer doesn’t follow the above term. Owners/customers phone will be possessed by the jio info com without any notice. Further the customer will not get a single penny from the refundable amount deposited at the time of receiving his/her phone.

People think jio made them fool, however they are not counting the benefits they are getting for paying Rs 1500 a year. However the next condition is:. If you will return the phone within first year, customer will not get any amount back.

Terms and conditions of jio phone

However If a customer returns his/her phone within 24 months from the date of the receiving of phone, he/she will get Rs 500 back. If a customer wants to get his/her full security deposit back?. Then the customer have to return his/her jio phone within 36-39 months from the date of the receiving of jio phone.

?NOTE: GST amount will be deducted from the Rs 1500 for the period of time it remained deposited in the company.

Problems for a customer by these terms and conditions of jio phone.

There are still some minor issues like those who don’t use internet and does not make more calls will have to pay Rs 1500 per anum. Internet is worthless for a person of age 55+ or for an illiterate person. But still he has to pay Rs 1500 per anum if he wants to use jio sim and jio phone.

Second issue is with those persons who already have a smartphone but also booked a jio phone. Now those persons may be thinking what to do with that jio phone as it’s mandatory to do recharge of Jio phone. For them here is a tip, you can use your current jio sim card with the jio phone or you can discontinue the use of your current jio sim card.

You must be doing a recharge of Rs 399 or more to your current jio sim card. So it’s quite easy to use a new jio sim card and do recharge to that jio sim card. You can also do MNP (mobile number portability) to your old jio number and migrate to other network.

All the terms and conditions of jio phone.

Here I will mention all important terms and conditions, which you should be aware of. These are mandatory to know before you buy a jio phone.

• Customers have to do recharge of Rs 1500 per anum. Otherwise company has all the rights to snatch your jio phone without any prior notice.

• Full Refund of security deposit will be given to those customers only , who submit/return their jio phones within 36-39 months from jio phone distribution .

• Jio phone has a sim locked feature, which means you can’t use any sim except jio sim card.

• Jailbreaking, rooting or reverse engineering is not allowed. However doing anything like this will voilate jio’s terms and conditions.

• Customers have no right to sell or lease their jio phones.

• Customers agree with what they get with jio phone (accessories).

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