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Top Three Christmas & new year offers for jio users

Jio Christmas offer
Written by Sajad Quadir

On the eve of Christmas and new year, Mukesh Ambani lead Jio has announced three interesting offers. These offers include cashback of Rs 3300 on recharge of Rs 399 or above, cashback of rs 600 via JioAutoPay, cashback of Rs 1000 on redmi 5A.

#1 Jio Christmas offer.

First offer i.e, cashback of Rs 3300 on recharge of Rs 399 or above is not new as earlier a cashback offer was also there, but the benefits of that offer were not same and the offer was named as Jio triple cashback offer. Earlier you may get a cashback of up to rs 2500 + on recharge of Rs 399 or above. But in this offer, you will get a cashback of Rs 3300 on recharge of Rs 399 or above. There will 8 vouchers of rs 50 (8*50=400) and rest will be shopping/ e-commerce coupons.

Terms and conditions of jio cashback offer
Cashback is valid for prime members only.
Cashback of Rs 3300 is valid on recharges done between 25 December to 15 January.
A maximum of 5 recharges can be done per account.

#2 jio Christmas offer.

Jio Rs 600 cashback offer on JioAutoPay, You must be thinking what JioAutoPay is?
JioAutoPay is a system launched by jio which recharges a plan which a user has preselected and deducts the amount of recharge automatically from their credit card/debit card.

After configuring the jio autopay, an amount will be deducted from your card and recharge will be done, at that time cashback of up to Rs 600 will be initiated. This recharge will be done after the expiry of your current plan/pack. However, a recharge will be done prior to the 5 days of the expiry of the current plan. So if expiry date of your plan is 25 January, a recharge will be triggered on 20th January.

Further, you can change the selected plan or mode of payment at any time. So prior the recharge date, a user can modify the details. In case of FUP. Recharge will be done on completion of 90% data. However, In case of Postpaid, Jio shall present bill before five days of a bill due date to registered payment JioAutoPay payment instrument.

Jio Christmas offer

Terms and conditions of JioAutoPay
To enroll in JioAutoPay, A customer should have a valid credit card/debit card.

While enrolling in JioAutoPay, A customer accepts the auto trigger of recharge and deduction of amount from their credit card/debit card.

In case of failure of transaction/recharge, due to any condition. Jio shall re-attempt the recharge prior the expiry.

If the transaction fails for the second time as well, Customer has to pay the bill/recharge amount by other modes of payment.

jio further reserves all the rights to change/modify terms and conditions at any time.

A customer also accepts all the terms and condition made by RJIL.

#3 Jio Christmas offer.

This offer was not launched on new year or on the eve of Christmas. However, this offer is still live so we count it in jio Christmas offers. This offer is also known as jio redmi better together offer under which a redmi 5A user gets rs 1000 cashback. We have already written an article on this and you can check that here.

But we will tell  a little bit about the jio Redmi better together offer and that is you need to do the 12 consecutive recharges of Rs 199 for twelve months and you will get 10 vouchers of rs 100. Further this Rs 199 plan gives you 1.2 GB of 4G data + unlimited 2G data and unlimited voice calls and access to all the jio apps for 28 days. There are some important terms and conditions of this jio redmi better together offer. Price of redmi 5A is Rs 4999 and after cashback of Rs 1000, you will get it for Rs 3999. But cashback is in terms of 10 vouchers.

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